There are thousands of insurance agents and financial planners in the United States.

We are part of a select group who can call themselves truly independent.

We don’t promote products from any particular insurance company, but have access to dozens of different carriers.  After a thorough analysis with you of your current and future financial needs, we provide strategic suggestions where your needs and desires are the only factors that influence our recommendations.  

We specialize in providing planning for life’s unexpected twists and turns as well as planning for a successful retirement. We do not deal with property and casualty insurance (home, car, etc.) We also do not deal with traditional health insurance, but concentrate on medicare supplements for those turning 65 or older, making provisions for long term care, and for ancillary products to fill in the gaps of other health insurance policies, i.e., critical illness and cancer. We encourage debt elimination and reliance on Life Insurance for protection during the working years and tax efficient legacy planning.

Just as in medicine, you go to different physicians for different problems, in insurance you may need more than one specialist to find the best solutions for each problem: Retirement Income Planning, liability insurance, auto insurance, umbrella insurance, business insurance, estate and tax planning, medicare supplements and health insurance, long term care insurance, pet insurance and many other needs.

In most situations, for younger clients, we recommend Term Insurance during working years for those with dependent families and children. Term insurance provides maximum dollar protection at the most competitive premiums. We also encourage protection against catastrophic and/or critical illness and provision for long term care.

Those eligible for medicare should enroll as soon as available and consider a medicare supplement to limit expenses from gaps in medicare coverage. For those on restrictive budgets, consider medicare alternatives, such as medicare advantage plans, either HMO or PPO, but be aware of the potential for high unexpected expenses and for limitations on access to the physicians of your choice, particularly when traveling. New enrollees should seriously consider a prescription drug plan, as medicare coverage does not normally cover prescription drugs. If you delay enrolling in drug coverage (Part D), the you may be liable for a penalty if you choose to enroll at a later date.

We specialize in Retirement Income Planning, utilizing annuities and life insurance, to develop protected growth strategies that eliminate market risk for your savings and provide for lifetime income, no matter how long you live.

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